Uplink: processing uplink frame error


I got this errors in log, can you help me?

I have many devices and I get data from devices, but in log show me this errors.

• level=error msg=“uplink: processing uplink frame error” ctx_id=XXXX error=“get device-session error: object does not exist”

• level=error msg=“uplink: processing uplink frame error” ctx_id=XXXX error=“request home netid error: response error, code: UnknownDevEUI, description: deveui does not exist”

For the first error I realized in the logs that a specific gateway generates the error (I have several gateways), when reviewing the live lorawan frames I find a device with an unknown DevAddr, which is out of range is 53cf1dbb, all my DevAddr are in the range 00000000 - 01FFFFFF, my NetID is 000000.
This device with unknown DevAddr sends ConfirmedDataUp every 2-3 seconds

The question is, what can I do with that unknown device? It’s not my device, I don’t know where it is located, I don’t know whose it is.
Or just ignore it and see how the log fills up?
Is it possible that due to this behavior the gateway is unavailable?

For the NetID error, check the NetID and DevEUI values, this revision stops showing the NetID error.