Usage of Immediate flag

Hello Orne,
during some tests I discover that for a downlink sent to a Class C Device the flag Immediate is set to true using alway RX2 window (unless it is an acknoldgemrent to a confirmed uplink)

In my mind this is correct but there is an incorrect behaviour in this shenario where the node doesn’t receive the downlink:
the class C node send an uplink (NOT confimerd) and immediately the network server answer with a downlink using the RX2 window with the immediate flag set to true

If the uplink is confimed the server answers on the same channel of the uplink with immediate flag set to false the node receive correctly the ack from the server.

I’ve tetsed this scenario in an indoor installation where nodes and gateway are very close to each other and the netwrok server is in a server farm

I guess is a synchronization problem: with immediate equal to true the gateway doesn’t wait for RX2 and it sends the packet which is not received by node because maybe it is in RX1.

Test conditions:
gateway is kerlink with lora-gateway-bridge and semtech packet forwarder Loraserver is the 0.22.0 and lora-app-server is 0.14.0.
I’ve a shell connected to the node to see if it receives the packet and a paket forwarder log saying that the packet is sent

Did you have such a behaviour in your test?