USB Lora transceiver recommendation

Any recommendations for enterprise grade USB Lora transceivers that support Ubuntu Linux?


Didn’t test it but … take a look of this:


As a gateway, or as a node?

It’s not a very good idea on a gateway as the latency of USB limits tightly timed operations, for example you can only use old versions of the Semtech code with a USB-SPI bridge. There are schemes that move more of the packet forward into the embedded side that can work, but a more standard solution is to just dedicate and embedded computer with native SPI to the task.

As a node, you have lots of options - anything that takes an AT command set would work with a USB-serial bridge, most dev boards that can run custom firmware would do it like the various STM32L0 + SX1276 combos from Murata or ACSIP and the various people who package them. Even an Arduino Maker WAN if you created a sketch for the SAMD21 to act as a serial bridge… It may be tempting to think you want something that works off the shelf, and in the immediate term you perhaps do, but not having the ability to customize the firmware is likely to end up causing severe headaches in the future.