Use Gatway OS with an external Gateway and without an LoraShield

I would like to use the GatewayOS with an external gateway (MikroTik-aWP8) and I don’t have LoraShield installed on the RaspberryPi.

Installing the image, adding the network server and setting up the gateway worked. Unfortunately both systems do not connect.

Question before I look for the error. Is it at all possible to use the GatewayOS without a shield with an external gateway. The ChirpStack Concentratord reports under the Monit status “cannot connect”. Which is correct. If so, do I have to configure the MQTT broker differently?

Actually I pass my packets to the network server via port 1700.
So far I have not found such a combination in the forum. Therefore I am unsure if this works at all.

Thanks for help,

I’m not sure I understand your question correctly. However, I’m using two RPi. The one is used for the application server. This one runs Ubuntu. The second one runs the GatewayOS, but has the application server disabled - just the gateway/concentrator.

I think the opposite direction is also possible. You need to disable the gateway part of it and point your external gateway to the Rpi running GatewayOs. IS the stock MikroTik compatible with it in terms of protocols?