Use of Payload Functions in Lora Server API

Hello everyone,
as i wait for my ordered device to set-up and use the lora app server, could anyone inform me if it is a Payload function inside of this where we can use a decode function in javascript, to convert the data from bytes to objects (payload functions read in javascript and return a json object)?

Thanks in advance.

If you have a couple of days patience, it will be released soon :slight_smile: (Cayenne LPP out of the box + custom JS encoder / decoder).

@brocaar That will be really cool! (even if you will make my python and php scripts obsolete…)

Magnificent news @brocaar. I take for granted that,except of decoder, will also including encoder,validator and converter.

Last,but not least,is any plan about including in APP HTTP Integration? (or i missed something??).

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HTTP integration is already there :slight_smile:

Yes, the codec will work for both uplink and downlink.

Could you let me know why you see validator and converter as needed? I know TTN has these but I’m not sure when you would need these. In my opinion a codec knows how to decode bytes => object and encode object => bytes. If you need to convert the decoded data afterwards, doesn’t that mean that you need to fix your decoder? :wink:

Hello again @brocaar.
Personally,the most important thing on the (future) use of the codec in next upgrade hopefully, is the decoder and encoder, because as you mentioned the i’m interesting of the two way convertion object<=>bytes . I was just curious, waiting for the real-time use of the devices (node,gateways) combined with loraserver, but i understood that the other two options may be meaningless.

I have another one which is combined with payload function issue,but i will open a new (last but not least) topic!

Your advices and your general support are really valuable.
Thanks again.

Sneak preview

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I totally loved it, at once!

Waiting for the official announcement…!

You are the best!

I’m closing this topic :slight_smile: Please post your feedback in the above topic ^^^

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