Using Basic Station

would there be someone who already installed configure Basic station with the Gateway bridge I just installed basic station and I follow the instructions on the official site but for now I find that there are a lot of files configuration and I would need help; I managed to launch an example :
RADIODEV=/dev/spidev0.0 …/…/build-rpi-std/bin/station

Can you give me example of station.cof to connect to my localhost gateway bridge ?

Hi Jawad,
let me ask you this: are there any reasons why you want / need to use Basic station over other gateway software?

Are you aware of what happened with BasicMac implementation for end node, which is under same github account as Basic station?

Hi @martin,

The goal ? replace the udp packet forwarder by the basic station.
Why ? because i need a secure communication between the packet forwarder and the gateway bridge, with packet forwarder you can’t encrypt the data, but with basic station due to LSN protocole, we can encrypte this communication.

Sorry but i didn’t undestand you seconde question ! why are you talking about github account ?

That is reasonable, but I believe there are other possible solutions (like installing gateway bridge directly on gateway for example or probably a concentratord in the future).

Reason I’m asking is just to warn you that there is possibility that using Basic station may be waste of your time.

See, public repositories for Semtech’s Basic station and BasicMac source codes are in: . BasicMac was originally anounced as successor of LoRaMac-node while LoRaMac-node was going to be obsolete. So I used BasicMac as a base for drivers for our hardware platform, which took quite some time. Long story short, after a year of waiting for promised updates there was just announcement that Semtech is ending support for LoRa Basics MAC and that LoRaMAC-Node is recommended for new designs.

This may not be the case for Basic station, but if you prefer to use a software which gets security updates and bugfixes, you should be aware of possibility that you won’t get any with it.


thanks for the information, maybe you won’t believe me but what you say about your experience has a impact on my decision tu using basic station or not, andi already sucess to configure whati’m askink in thi ssue, but i discoverd other bug … i posted in thi official github, and like you, i will wait next realeses …