Using Chirpstack Network Server without an Application Server

Hi, in version 4 all of network, application servers are integrated into single docker container. Correct me if Im wrong.

However, Im interested in using chirpstack just like network server without decrypting application data. Is it possible with v4?

Thank you!

It depends on what you mean by ‘application server’ and ‘decrypting application data’. ChirpStack 4 is a network server, and you can send ‘raw payloads’ to a third-party application server through integrations if you wish.

Yes, I can, but i cannot activate a module without entering the AppSKey if the activation is ABP, and that causes the decryption of the FRMPayload. Which means, I cannot send ‘raw payload’ directly via integration.

‘Application Data’ is ‘FRMPayload’, and ‘application server’ is already defined in the LoRaWAN Backend Interface. In Chirpstack version 3, all servers were distributed but for chirpstack 4 they are all combined and I want to seperate the application server.

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I’m unable to retrieve the raw payload (frmPayload) that the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge sends to the MQTT broker, or that the MQTT broker sends to ChirpStack in version 4.
When the frmpayload is recieved by ChirpStack, it does decrypt the message to something like this:

When I set up an HTTP integration in application to my project, the payload I receive is something like the json in image, does not include the raw frmPayload. Instead, it only contains the decrypted data.

@Jerome73 , could you show me how to configure an integration so that the raw frmPayload (the payload before decryption) can be sent?

Why not?

You should be able to pull it off the relevant gateway topic. If not, please try adding additional information.

And if you’re unaware, the relevant MQTT gateway topic bconway is referring to would be your region prefix. i.e mosquitto_sub to “us915_1/#” instead of “application/#” to receive the messages directly from the gateway bridge. Although if you are looking for full end to end encryption you would have to do a lot more like setting up an external join server.

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Thank you for your fast responses. Yes I am aware of subscribing MQTT broker to receive frmPayload, what I am trying to achieve is not to use appSKey (decrypt the message) but validate MIC and integrate with my project via HTTP :slight_smile:

So as previously stated, look into this:

Along with using an external join server.