Using lorawan package on end-user TinyGO based Lora device


I’m working on a new firmware for a GPS/Lora tracking device (based on Dragino LGT92 device with a custom TinyGO firmware)


Right now, I can already send GPS position through the Lora tranceiver (SX127x - RFM95).
(p2p communication, not Lorawan)

I was wondering if I could use source code to add LoraWAN compatibility.

According to the README:

“Package lorawan provides structures and tools to read and write LoRaWAN 1.0 and 1.1 frames from and to a slice of bytes.”

… So I guess i could send all the required packets to join and communicate to Lorawan networks, with this code, right ?

What do you think about that ?



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It just provides the logic to encode and decode LoRaWAN frames (+ encryption and mic handling). If you would be able to use this, then you would still need to implement the LoRaWAN protocol yourself.