Using RAK5146 with SX1276

Hey everyone, im kinda new to this but im wondering
i got a rak shield for rpi3b+ and i wanted to use it with my already available sx1276 modules on my project
i was unable to connect them and noticed that the people at RAK sent me AS923 instead of US915
as far as i understand as923 can work with frequencies of 902-928MHz so it should work
is my assumption correct? im having trouble with setting this up
should i edit some settings?
using RPI3B+ with chirpstack OS full img on the RPI

I would say “yes”, but perhaps you might want to understand what it means.

Usually, the “923MHz” devices would have hardware filters implemented that make them work best for frequencies within the range of something like 920-925MHz. Usually, these regions have other RF equipment operating outside of the ISM band, thus the LoRa hardware would have filters to facilitate better co-existence.

Depending on which band(s) you’re using for US915 and your requirements, this extra filter may not matter. Especially if you somehow manage to stay closer to the 920-925MHz range.

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how can i force it to send a specific band then?
i managed to see the packets in my webserver but the modules just send at 902-903MHZ
is there a way to force it to different frequency band?

If you are using the ChirpStack Gateway OS on your Raspberry Pi, you could just select the US915 region. As @sp193 mentioned, it might not give the best performance in case there is a hardware filter, but this should work.

thank you for the answer, i am able to use it now
is there a way to force the sx1276 to be on a specific frequency band in the code?

The SX1276 is just the hardware; the software on the connected host needs to be configured/has firmware installed, which operates with the required frequency.

It’s somewhat similar to the case of the RAK shield with your RPi: the RPi contains the gateway software, which control the SX1301 (or similar) on the RPi shield.