Using tags / variables in Codec

Hi everyone!
Is it possible to make usage of the tags / variables of a device in the device codec? I would like to add some more logic to the decoder before I forward the data to my Application…


No, (currently) the only input to the codec is the fPort and an array of bytes.

Hi everyone,

Thanks brocaar for your information.
Can you give me a example of the use of a variable in HTTP integration. When I add a tag then I see it in the payload. But when I define a variable I see nothing have changed in the payload. We want to use one device profile for all door sensors, but we need to know which sensor is open or closed in out application.

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The variables are used to store for example the ThingsBoards key for each device, these are not exposed in the payload. In that case use the tags.

Hi brocaar,
I’m working on an IoT application and, the HTTP endpoint depends on the device ID, so I have to pass the ID in the endpoint URL as a query parameter. Reading the documentation and your comments It seems clear that it’s a variable config issue. The problem is that I create the ‘deviceId’ variable with the proper value of the ID but there’s no way to use it in the URL endpoint. I’ve tried with #deviceId, ${deviceId} and so on but ChirpStack seems not to substitute the key by the value. Any help should be appreciated.