V3 to V4 changes on integration Event Types' JSON format

I am seeing that MR. @brocaar changed the JSON data formats of the integrations a little bit. But why do you remove the gatewayID field from the integrations ?
I need gatewayID value on ack and join events. In Chripstack V3 I can collect gatewayID value from the RXINFO field on these event types. But V4 you dont have RXINFO field on the JSON model of the ack and join events. So I can not collect Gateway ID.

This is the V3 ACK event:

And this is the V4 ACK event(and it dont have a gatewayID field):

How can i handle it ? Do you have any plan to add this field to the V4 ?

I’m also need the Gateway ID from event.

I suggest taking a look into the followings:



In V4, integration event messages are refactored. And the new ones on the Join and ACK events dont have a gatewayID or gateway EUI value.

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