Vagrant Install: Not seeing Device Data or Live Frames


First timer here, been reading the forums but haven’t found the solution to my problem. I installed via Vagrant into a VM on my Windows 10 Machine. The app server on localhost:8080 is loading fine. Configuring my Gateway and device went well as well. However, I am not able to see the Device Data or Frames through the App Server, it is throwing the error: cannot connect to websocket API briefly and then getting stuck on loading symbol. On my Network Log I see the following when I test send data from my end device:

Also, what should the Network-server server* be pointed at in the Application Server GUI if I am using the default Vagrant installed chirpstack network server? I didn’t see a front facing address int he config file.

RESOLVED, I was stuck on this because I sent myself down a rabbithole of troubleshooting rather then going back to the api’s, data was coming through just fine I was never on the screen when I triggered the end device events.

*** These are the raw LoRaWAN frames and this endpoint is intended for debugging only.**
*** This endpoint does not work from a web-browser.]**