Very general question: Does provide local LoRa Service?


I am new to LoRa and very new to LoRa Server. I used TTN service before, but for my upcoming project, we want a local LoRa network server/service, which won’t go to the Internet at any point.
After a few researches, I found, I just want to know if this is exactly what I am looking for?
And compared to other public lora network (e.g. TTN), how reliable a local network can be? (encryption, data rate, stability, security and so on )

Thank you,

Hi Danny, yes this is exactly what the LoRa Server is providing. The reliability is fully in your hands, but in general LoRa Server provides you with exactly the same encryption schemes for LoRaWAN as any public networks :slight_smile:

Excellent !! Now I have another question that I forget to include: is LoRa Server compatible with any gateway and packet forwarder ? Im currently using Laird gateway and TTN forwarder.

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