Visualizing application data

Hi @brocaar I used loraserver-docker github code compiled it running good.Thanks to your guidelines and documentation.
Now I am trying to add one more page.
For Example: If i want an pie chart or I want to plot a graph of my stored values, Is it possible to add one or more page in loraserver web page using docker provided environment or no ?
If no then is there anyway can i do ?
If yes then how can i do ?

Please help me doing this.
Thank you,

This is not something that the App Server will do for you, but you can do this in for example Grafana or Thingsboard.

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This Link didn’t worked for me @brocaar sir

The link you mentioned “” says error not found. Have you updated the LoRa-app-server source file??

It is because this feature has been released and the feature branch has been removed.

Thank You for the reply @brocaar sir.

Now, How can i implement influxdb and Grafana in order to fetch my data and see as Graph like structure?

Thank You

You can create beautiful visualization without coding. Here is a sample guide on How to Create Pareto Chart in Google Sheets with great graphic to make your visualization sophisticated.