Warning: flagged as re-transmission / frame-counter did not increment

I get the following warnings in the logs and cannot find the error. The warning comes up suddenly on multiple devices. Can someone help?

description:"Uplink was flagged as re-transmission / frame-counter did not increment"

You can try to disable frame-counter validation in Application > Device.


This seems to be an bug or something in v4, I still get this a lot myself and cannot work out why as there doesn’t seem to be any uplink retransmissions. here is an example of a modbus controller that reads registers consecutively (RAK7431) each frame counter increases by 1 on each read, but it still displays the UPLINK_F_CNT_RETRANSMISSION occasionally and when it does it seems to display it for a period of time.

i also had this problem with a brand new device added to an application a few days ago (ttgo tbeam mapper - it continually showed the UPLINK_F_CNT_RETRANSMISSION from its first frame uplink after joining and didnt seem to stop, I had to disable the frame counter checks on it in the end).

is this something you have noticed @brocaar there doesnt seem to be any gh issies raised for it yet.

Do you have more than 1 gateway because I’ve seen an error like that, or might have been the same, when 2 gateways received the same packet.

we have more then one gw on our LNS, this node only usually reaches one of them though.
i thought it might of been an issue if it was heard by multiple - but i havent had much spare time to dig into this further yet.

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