WaveShare Sensor - Fails to register, MIC of join-request is invalid

I’m in the process of building a custom device using the WaveShare PicoHAT:

The example code requires three values:-

  • DeviceEUI using LSB value from Chirpstack
  • AppEUI/JoinEUI all zeros
  • AppKey using MSB value from Chirpstack

The code appears to correct as I’m now seeing the WaveShare device contacting ChirpStack and JoinRequest being displayed by both the Gateway & the Device but the device never joins as an Error is being generated, Code: UPLINK_MIC.

  • time:“2023-05-10T14:08:36.553340057+00:00”
    • tenantId:“78c266f2-b1de-4509-b46f-e3e86489680d”
    • tenantName:“Langford-IT”
    • applicationId:“8e747fc9-680e-45d6-98a4-29b46ce23ffe”
    • applicationName:“Langford-IT-Rat-Trap”
    • deviceProfileId:“53b3e965-92b7-41c6-9dae-157e6e0051bc”
    • deviceProfileName:“Waveshare-Pico-Hat”
    • deviceName:“Another-Test”
    • devEui:“7074140000ab2a45”
    • tags:
  • level:“ERROR”
  • code:“UPLINK_MIC”
  • description:“MIC of join-request is invalid, make sure keys are correct”
    • deduplication_id:“d7f8ed0e-aa4c-4fe0-932b-c8fb3b46f5a9”

Based on my research this indicates that there’s a problem with my keys, is there anything that I can do to troubleshoot this?

Can this error be caused by the device profile, the one I’ve created is inline with the WaveShare documents. I also have other commercial devices that have connected and are working as planned.

Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestion that will help me resolve this issue.

I had re-flashing firmware in sensor fix same issue. This was with Laird RG191 gateway and qty 4 RS191 pucks I was trying to activate. Only 2 of 4 had this issue and this one action (using Laird iphone app) resulted in pucks joining after they rebooted with same firmare. No idea what that entails for your sensor.

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