Web Design Request

First off- Thanks!!
I’m a refugee from TTN because of reliability issues. When the server is in my care and control, if there’s a problem I have no one to blame but myself. Generally my issues have been growth as I have needed more resources, adding them at AWS has been really handy.
Thanks for your work. Awesome!
The request I have is for the Server Web design.
When in mobile I can’t scroll sideways.
This is very handy when I’m in the field and adding or troubleshooting devices. I can’t scroll to the right to pull up the Live Lorawan frames.
I can’t pinch and squeeze either. Maybe I’m missing something, but if the menu links were in a different format it would possibly solve the issue.
In any case, again- Thanks! Hoping for a solution.

you must put your feature requests here

I would even call it a bug. Try resizing browser window and reload the page:

Please file the issue as eugenev pointed out.

Upon doing a bit of testing I’ve come to find that it is only on the Gateways page.
Applications and Sensors allow scrolling to the right.
So this wouldn’t be a feature request, it’s probably just a setting on that particular page.
Not sure where to file that.

Ah, I see. There may be few issues here.

Obviously, scrollbar is automatically present if list of applications/devices/gateways is wider than available screen space. There is no such list on gateway’s details page, so no scrollbar there.

Problem is that scrollbar should also be present if top tabs menu is wider than available screen space which unfortunately does not work. Tabs menu also does not even show up beyond original screen boundaries as you can see from my screenshot.

@John_Wallace You can create new bug report/feature request here: https://github.com/brocaar/chirpstack-application-server/issues/new/choose