Web-interface error: e.obj is undefined


I´m trying to access the web interface of loraserver, and after get the initial page and input the credentials (admin/admin). I got only the messagem showed. In the logs I´m receiving the following log. I didint change anything inside the certificates .PEM that were generated by the original installation.

lora-app-server: time=“2018-08-21T16:34:23Z” level=info msg=“finished unary call with code Unauthenticated” error=“rpc error: code = Unauthenticated desc = authentication failed: get token from context error: no authorization-data in metadata” grpc.code=Unauthenticated grpc.method=List grpc.service=api.OrganizationService grpc.start_time=“2018-08-21T16:34:23Z” grpc.time_ms=0.039 peer.address="[::1]:42960" span.kind=server system=grpc

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Without more context, it will be hard to help you. E.g. which version are you running? Did you use the pre-compiled binaries or did you compile it yourself?

I would be glad to help you dear. It would be much appreciated if you share your query in brief.

Adrian Gates

Hello Adrian.

Thank you for the reply. I´ve already solve this issue. Somehow when I use EDGE to connect to the Web Interface everything runs fine.