Web interface loading of LoRA App Server on Centos 7

Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to setup LoRA Sever and LoRA App Server on Centos 7.
I was able to setup config file. Since, it is Centos 7, I have to run the server from binary.
Also there are other things running on server, so for external API I have set port number as 8081.
Binary is also been executed without error, issue is, the web interface the web interface is not loading up. It’s getting timeout.

Please tell me where should I start hunting for issue, or is there any issue because of changing port ? To make it work on different port (other than 8080) anything else I am suppose to do ?

Thanks in advance !

HI Everyone,

Please help me out in this.

Check your firewalls :slight_smile:

That exactly was the problem, I was suppose to add the ports in firewall exceptions :slight_smile: