Websocket api not connected in chrome

Hi Everybody

I install lora-app-server from github working perfectly in firefox but error websocket API not connected in chrome any clue for this?

I installed in
ubuntu server 16.04 LTS
npm 6.9.0
node 10.16.3


Are you running the ReactJS test server? Also I recommend to to look to the Network tab for any connection related hints.

Thank you for your advice i’ll try it

hi @brocaar i’m trying to figured it out but not luck , web socket status always pending in chrome

i’m installed loraserver using docker and i can access it via port 8080 but the problem show when i run the lora-app-server individually, so lora-app-server basically run in 8080 and port 3000 from npm start

This NPM server on port 3000 is for development / testing, don’t expect that this will work the same as the Go based web-server on port 8080.

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So that’s mean i should use go based web-server for development? this problem only show on chrome in firefox doing good actually,

And how to make use lora-app-server development from github as default ui for loraserver?