Websocket errors


I seem to have some kind of problem when using websockets in app server

When I open a device this is what I get:

level=error msg="get event-log for device error" error="ERR wrong number of arguments for 'ping' command"

And when I open a gateway this is what I see:

 level=error msg="finished streaming call with code Unknown" error=EOF grpc.code=Unknown grpc.method=StreamFrameLogs

In both cases websocket is closed and then inmediatly reopened. It seems to work and messages do appear in app Server. But if I can fix them the better


I’ve been wondering if this could be caused by my GNU distribution.

In the production server we are using a Ubuntu LTS 14.04 I think it is.
In the developing server we are using docker + ubuntu 18.04. I don’t seem to see the error here.