Weird Error with ThingsBoard


I have a weird error with the ThingsBoard integration. To explain, I have two servers created on DigitalOcean. The first hosts my LoraServer instance and the second hosts my ThingsBoard instance.

The servers each have their own IP address and each ends with :8080.

I followed the steps:

  • Add the integration to the application
  • Generate the device token on the ThingsBoard UI
  • Added the appropriate variable and pasted token in

When looking at the logs I found this message:

*Nov 03 20:25:45 coach-lora-droplet-001 lora-app-server[793]: time=“2019-11-03T20:25:45Z” level=error msg="integration/multi: integration thingsboard.Integration error" error=“send event error: http request error: Post********************A/attributes: dial tcp: lookup 167.71.30: no such host”

What do you think this means and what steps can be taken to diagnose/fix this?



FYI: I’m using this without problem in the integrations parm…:

Don’t know if it can help.


I don’t know what you even posted. This is so vague.


I went back and recreated the entire integration and it works now.