What am I missing?

Hi guys,

I have a Marvin board (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/688158475/marvin-the-lora-development-board) and Tektelik gateway, all pointing to my VM running latest Lora server.
However, the “only” thing I’m receiving is this: {“txInfo”:{“mac”:“647fdafffe0040a3”,“immediately”:false,“timestamp”:4164018364,“frequency”:923300000,“power”:20,“dataRate”:{“modulation”:“LORA”,“spreadFactor”:8,“bandwidth”:125},“codeRate”:“4/5”,“iPol”:null},“phyPayload”:“YNAaASYgzibWuiwS”}

WE are sending temperature and humidity from DH11 sensor: send_LoRa_data(set_port, String(temp) + “F” + String(hum));

So I was expecting to see slightly longer payload.
What am I doing wrong folks?

I’m sniffing the data off mqtt using: mosquitto_sub -h -u loraserver_gw -P loraserver_gw -i hello -t “#”

You’re probably using the wrong credentials for “sniffing” the MQTT data. Looking at the -u and -P parameters, are you using the https://github.com/brocaar/loraserver-setup setup script?

This loraserver_gw user is only allowed to publish data to the .../rx topic and allowed to read from the .../tx topic (https://github.com/brocaar/loraserver-setup/blob/master/group_vars/loraserver_hosts.example.yml#L34). So that is probably the reason why you don’t see all the data. With lora_app_server_integration set to True, you should use your LoRa App Server credentials to authenticate with Mosquitto. Alternatively, you could add extra users to the mosquitto.mosquitto_auth_plug.users config (see previous link). Don’t forget to re-run the Ansible scripts (for Vagrant vagrant provision).

When you add the -v flag to the mosquitto_sub command you’ll see that this data is downlink (from the network to the node), and not the data dat your node is sending to the network.

The data you’re interested in should be published to application/[applicationID]/node/[devEUI]/rx.

Hope this helps!

Thank You for prompt response.

This is a VirtualBox image installation, I haven’t went down the Vagrant route just yet - I’m trying it first with an option where the installation actually works.

I’ll see what other Mosquitto users are there.

Thanks .