What are changes required at Lora server for NA and about class C?

Class A device is working fine, but in Class C, for every Uplink one downlink only receiving…

Hi amarnadh,

How did you configure your devices and your profiles?
In the past, I also worked with Class C devices without any problems.
After completing the configuration in the app server, you have to set Class C behaviour in the node, too.


Can you please, explain how to configure class C device …
and i facing issue to change band eu to us band can u please help me…what are the changes required in loraserver for band changing…


You may change the band at the loraserver configuration:

  # LoRaWAN regional band configuration.
  # Note that you might want to consult the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters
  # specification for valid values that apply to your region.
  # See: https://www.lora-alliance.org/lorawan-for-developers
  # LoRaWAN band to use.
  # Valid values are:
  # * AS_923
  # * AU_915_928
  # * CN_470_510
  # * CN_779_787
  # * EU_433
  # * EU_863_870
  # * IN_865_867
  # * KR_920_923
  # * RU_864_870
  # * US_902_928

As for class C, it is indeed supported by loraserver, but as DeHi said, you need to check how your end device needs to be configured (or if it’s firmware even supports class C).

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I completed packet forwarder configuration mutitech to Lora server from EU band to NA band and completed class A profile in EU band,
Then what are changes required for NA band Class A profile at Lora server i mean device profiles and applications,
I tried create application and set keys and at device shows joining denied but ns side shows uplink join request and downlink join accept like below picture.
can anyone please help me on that.

Hi amarnadh,

it seems that your device discards your JoinAccept messages.

  • Did you insert the correct DevEUI and AppKey into both the node and the Appserver?
  • Could you open the messages in the “LoRaWAN Frames” so we can see which parameters are being used?

Best regards

Hi DeHi,
I checked “LoRaWAN Frames” and keys also matched at both nodes and App server also but i don’t know what i did mistake.
Can u please tell me process of adding device and gateway profiles step by step.


I cannot join Lora server : I can see in Lora server console join request is received by my gateway, join accept is sent to node. But nodes does not join.
So I tried ABP activation in order to check if it was a donwlink or a join problem.
In ABP uplinks packets are received but downlink packets are never received.


How to add extra channels for US band 500khz channels at gateway profile in loraserver console.
Advance thanks for ur help.

I have class C working great on my network. One thing to note… make sure your channels on the node only use 8 channels and the gateway is setup in the same manner. This step plus the setting the band in the configuration file (as mentioned above) were the blockers for me to get my class c devices to work.