What does chirpstack-concentratord want to do?

I see the chirpstack project has updated a new repo chirpstack-concentratord a concentrator HAL daemon for LoRa gateways. It interests me very much, but I can’t read rust language that much, so can I ask some questions about this daemon program?

  1. Is it a wallpaper for semtect’s ‘libloragw’ library, and must depend on it?
  2. Does it mean that running this on a gateway, we can not use the semtect-packet-forwarder(directly use libloragw), and must implement a packet-forwarder by ourselves using the ZeroMQ API?
  3. What is the benefit for us to use chirpstack-concentratord, or what the architecture will be?


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I wanted to do more work on it, before announcing it. It could be a replacement for the Semtech UDP packet-forwarder :slight_smile: You would still use the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge, but then using a concentratord backend. Anyway, stay tuned… I will share more information soon.