What fields are encrypted using the AppSKey?


I just wanna make sure that the AppSKey is only used to encrypt the FRMPayload. In other word, the devaddr will never be encrypted. Is this correct?

Please refer to the LoRaWAN specification to learn more about how the encryption works and what fields are encrypted: https://lora-alliance.org/lorawan-for-developers. You can also look into the https://github.com/brocaar/lorawan source-code as it implements the LoRaWAN encryption meganism :slight_smile:

Hi @gusseleet
Could you please let me know if you found the answer for this. I am about to forward data from the gateway bridge to external servers and want to see how packets and payload are decrypted?

I think you will find all the answers in the LoRaWAN specification :slight_smile: See the above link.