What hardware do you use for your loraserver and lora-app-server?


I have been using raspberry pi 3 as my hardware for loraserver for a couple of projects , but I feel that its not that reliable because it boots from an sd card, and everyone knows sd card corruption.

I am looking out for a better hardware to run loraserver, so I am asking suggestions from the community members. If you could mention the hardware and how many nodes you have on your network , how good the performance is , etc, I believe it would be helpful for me , as well as for many newbies.

For testing I’m running either all the components on my laptop, or install the LoRa Gateway Bridge on the gateway and the rest of the components on a VM (DigitalOcean, GCP, AWS, …).

Thank you @brocaar could you suggest a better hardware to use in a production environment (private deployement) which is available completely locally only. It will not need any monitor/keyboard etc.

You can try Odroid. More powerful than Pi and with eMMC storage. I used it as a workstation/thin client on some projects

I’d recommend looking at the Intel NUC line of devices, or purchase a small home server instead.