What is high availability and how to implement it?

What is high availability and how to implement it?I have about 500 devices in the future. I don’t know how best to build the architecture. Please tell me about it

If You asking about endnodes, You need more GW with overlapping coverage areas.
if You asking about ChirpStack software, You need to make software redundancy.
if You asking about computer hw where your software is running - this is another questioin.
decide what you really want.

I asked about ChirpStack software.

just run another chirpstack components on another machine, and make the sql db’s sync. or use the same db’s on one server.

make the sql db’s sync. or use the same db’s on one server.

Hi, is there a way to do that via Docker? I’m trying achieve something like this, but how Docker works its a mystery for me at the moment.

I don’t use it. my infrastructure based on virtual machines. one of this is Chirpstack network/app server at once.

I want to build a chirpstack network server cluster. I used shared redis and postgresql instances. I tried gateway bridge to send device data to multiple mqtt nodes at the same time with round robin algorithm(mqtt clients on network servers actually) -with shared subscription feature provided by an advanced mqtt client named emqx-.

This section on the gatewaybridge.toml allows us to send mqtt packets to multiple mqtt subscribers simultaneously but it dont work. It dont handles sending messages to more than one mqtt instance. How do you achieved gateway bridge to send data to multiple network servers, can you help me sir ?

# Generic MQTT authentication.
    # MQTT servers.
    # Configure one or multiple MQTT server to connect to. Each item must be in
    # the following format: scheme://host:port where scheme is tcp, ssl or ws.