What is my App ID?

Hello, i need to add the HTTP integration to my app that has two devices (LGT-92) to get data from both of them, in this picture in the rest API i think that the best option to get it is from this one (pic below)

so in the app server, in the applications section there is no ID, how can i get the data from my app then? (pic below)

Ok, i now understand that the ID is just the number, i thought that the ID were a “code” like the DEV_EUI, but when i put the number i get this error. (pic below)

@brocaar @eugenev

you need to generate token to access that functions

JWT? I generated it in the internal device login but now it shows this (pic below)

Ok i fix it but when i try to try it in XAAMP the page does not shows anything @eugenev

who told you that this is supported?
should be better if you will use curl