What is the Best Practice for LoRa Server Deployment?

What is the Best Practice for LoRa Server Deployment? If we want to offer commercial services?

It entirely depends on your use-case, number of gateways etc.

As far as I know, there isn’t a “best practice” document as yet, however given the modularity of the application, it’s relatively trivial to configure it as an n-tier application.

You’ll need to work out how to make the database, message queues, and lora-server-* components highly available/clustered, however this is simple to do if you’ve setup clustered environments in the past.

Do you have thoughts on how you might do this already?

I have not thought of yet…but we can list down key inputs to design any server . For example -

  1. Network Server - How many messages going to handle in next 6month or 1 years
  2. Joining Server - How many devices supported by any specific instance
  3. App Server - How many messages it is going to handle in North and South bound etc…
    To avoid any botttle neck in future.

ok, so assuming that you have experience of running a clustered setup for something else (webhosting or similar), then you’re going to want to have at least the following:

  • Loadbalancers for traffic between the outside world and the various components of the system
  • TLS certificates configure for the various public and private end-points
  • N+1 architecture for the components on the platform to ensure high-availability

and then all of the usual stuff around monitoring/backups/etc. that goes with running a platform such as this one.

The “capacity planning” that you’re talking about is definitely a key part of this, but I’d get a working, scalable test cluster in place first and then start to test it to see how well it scales.