What is the difference between lora gateway lg01-p and lg01-n?

i know my question seems a bit stupid but to be clear this is my first attempt to work with lora and buy start developing kit like the arduino and i come cross those 2 lora getway devices, LG01-P as V1 and LG01-N as V2, the V1 uses the openWrt system and the v2 uses linux, well. what is the difference and which one i can work with without going to saying “oh so only V2 (or V1) can do that”. because they said the V2 that uses linux to directly control the sx1276/sx1278 LoRa module which increase the communication efficiency and simplify the software design (what does it mean, is it easy for them to control the sx1276/sx1278 or easy for me for further projects)
what i mean is am i going to change the source code of the LG01 and is it possible to do that and why i would do that and how.
hope my question was clear and thanks in advance.

I have the same question. Is anyone able to help?