What should be my downlink?

I have tested various downlink messages with TTN - where simple hex string can be sent, and the messages work fine.
Now I am using ChirpStack and I am trying send downlink message using the Application/AppID/Device/DevID interface screen under “Enqueue downlink payload”. My downlink message consists of First 7 characters as keyword followed by 2 bytes translated from INT – the following is one sample
0x2B 0x55 0x43 0x4C 0x42 0x41 0x4C 0x00 0x64
which is hex translation of --> +UCLBAL100

How can I send this through in ChirpStack? How do I translate this to base64 string?

Silas V

You can do it from shell cli, for example
printf “\x2b\x55\x43\x4c\x42\x41\x4c\x00\x64” | base64


Thank you:) That helped!

Thank you, this really helped me too. I was using www.base64encode.org without success. As soon as I did the encoding at the command line as you suggested, everything sprang into life. Saved me a lot of time. Many thanks.