Whats missing from my end while configuring Gateway as the same is showing "Never"

I have created a test environment comprising of Chirpstack V3 version environment

  1. Server 1 - Chirpstack - Postgresql, Redis & Mosquitto

  2. Server 2 - Chirpstack - Application Server (AS)

  3. Server 3 - Chirpstack - Network Server (NS)

  4. Gateway - Hardware Raspberry pi3 + RAK Wireless Pi Hat (EU868), Software installed - chirpstack-gateway-os-full-raspberrypi3-20220914194126.rootfs.wic.gz

  5. When executed - sudo monit summary on the Gateway it displays -
    [0m raspberrypi3 [0;90m│[0m [0;92mOK [0m[0;90m│[0m System[0;90m│
    │[0m mosquitto [0;90m│[0m [0;92mOK [0m[0;90m│[0m Process[0;90m│
    │[0m chirpstack-gateway-bridge [0;90m│[0m [0;92mOK [0m[0;90m│[0m Process[0;90m│
    │[0m chirpstack-concentratord [0;90m│[0m [0;92mOK [0m[0;90m│[0m Process[0;90m│
    │[0m chirpstack [0;90m│[0m [0;92mOK [0m[0;90m│[0m Process[0;90m│

  6. Using Gateway ID - created Gateway under Gateway property available for a test tenant

Problem is that it is always showing as “Never” seen

Can somebody guide me where exactly i am doing wrong or missing any configuration?

Looks like you are using the ChirpStack Gateway OS v4 with ChirpStack v3, this are not compatbile. This might also be a helpful guide for debugging gateway connectivity issues: Connecting a gateway - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation.

  1. Reinstalled Chirpstack v4
  2. Able to See both Pycom+Lopy4 based Nano Gateway and Pi3+RakWireless(2245) based gateway