Where are the passwords located for the users?


I wanted to know where exactly the passwords were located(the ones used in dashboard). I have a use case where the passwords need to be set by AWS secret manager’s specification and hence, would love a way I could set it via psql or the config toml files. I don’t want to directly query the api and hence, am asking. I tried searching on google but couldn’t find anything relevant.

Thank you for any help!

So I found this and now I see that user table exists, but not exactly. I can use that to insert/update values. My only question is which hashing scheme is used to store the passwords?

Okay, found that it is pbkdf2(https://github.com/brocaar/chirpstack-application-server/blob/9487a5805da49fa672b9b980177cab20774c4005/internal/storage/user.go#L432). I’m wondering, how exactly do I convert a string say “admin123” to an appropriate format? What would be the default hash?

Okay, I see my issue.
So in case anyone does this in the future, the user table is in chirpstack_as (the database for chirsptack application server). However, user is a reserved keyword in chirpstack and hence, you won’t be able to see the details directly.
You can use select * from public.“user”; (after logging into chirpstack_as) and generate an appropriate PBKDF2 with scripts.