Where do I find uplink data sent by my nodes

I’ve got LoRaServer all set up and receiving data from nodes. Now I want to use the data from the nodes to create a graph on a webpage.

The problem is that I can’t find the data!

Is it stored in the database?
Do I need to build an application to pull the data out and store it in a separate database?
Is there a tutorial on how to interact with the data that’s been received?


Another thought. Can I get the LoRaSevrer to call an external URL whenever new data is received?

Please see:

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Thanks Brocaar.

I think i’m making some headway.

I’ve set up a HTTP integration and set the endpoints to a script on my server (http://example.com/testdata.php) but i’m not seeing any calls from the loraserver. Is there something else I should be doing to get it working?


So, the reason the URL call is not being made is because the Frame Log is not getting updated. It looks like everything was working fine until the 3rd October when I stopped seeing new entries in the Frame Log for this node.

I checked the loraserver log and see this when a message is received:

Oct 05 16:15:42 lorawan loraserver[3560]: time="2017-10-05T16:15:42Z" level=info msg="backend/gateway: rx packet received"
Oct 05 16:15:42 lorawan loraserver[3560]: time="2017-10-05T16:15:42Z" level=error msg="processing rx packet error: get node-session error: node-session does not exist or invalid fcnt or mic" data_base64="QLIcASaAAAABAHzYB1htBhlUINJR5//mIlIys1U7qd1OOfUgxG4="

Nothing has changed in the config so is there any reason why a node would suddenly stop working?

Slowly working this out! Please stick with me!

I remembered that I replaced the batteries in the node so the frame counter was out and was rejecting the messages. I reset the frame counter to 0 and it’s now showing the messages in the frame log again. Still no URL call though.