Where exactly to set Reset pin

Hi there
I have RAK231 with custom PCB

installed latest Gateway OS but I’m unable to reset with reset pin could someone explain exactly where I need to change it, I tried both file etc/default/chirpstack-concentratord

raspberrypi0-wifi:$ cat /etc/default/chirpstack-concentratord 
# reset the LoRa concentrator on Concentratord start
# reset pin

# concentratord version

and global.toml

raspberrypi0-wifi:/etc/chirpstack-concentratord/sx1301$ cat /etc/chirpstack-concentratord/sx1301/global.toml 
# Concentratord configuration.

# Log level.
# Valid options are:
#   * TRACE
#   * DEBUG
#   * INFO
#   * WARN
#   * ERROR
#   * OFF

# Log to syslog.
# When set to true, log messages are being written to syslog instead of stdout.

# Statistics interval.

  # Configuration for the (ZeroMQ based) API.

  # Event PUB socket bind.

  # Command REP socket bind.

# LoRa gateway configuration.

# Antenna gain (dB).

# Public LoRaWAN network.

# Gateway vendor / model.
# This configures various vendor and model specific settings like the min / max
# frequency, TX gain table.

# Gateway vendor / model flags.

# Gateway ID.

# Reset pin.
# Note: most model configurations come with a pre-defined reset_pin, in which
# case the setting below will be ignored.

and the log show me always pin 5

ug 12 18:38:27 raspberrypi0-wifi user.err chirpstack-gateway-bridge[443]: time="2020-08-12T18:38:27Z" level=error msg="backend/concentratord: event socket dial error" error="dial event api url error: zmq4: could not dial to \"ipc:///tmp/concentratord_event\": dial unix /tmp/co
Aug 12 18:38:27 raspberrypi0-wifi user.err monit[408]: 'chirpstack-concentratord' process is not running
Aug 12 18:38:27 raspberrypi0-wifi user.info monit[408]: 'chirpstack-concentratord' trying to restart
Aug 12 18:38:27 raspberrypi0-wifi user.info monit[408]: 'chirpstack-concentratord' start: '/etc/init.d/chirpstack-concentratord start'
Aug 12 18:38:28 raspberrypi0-wifi user.info chirpstack-concentratord-sx1301[2663]: Configuring reset pin, pin: 5
Aug 12 18:38:28 raspberrypi0-wifi user.info chirpstack-concentratord-sx1301[2663]: Starting Concentratord SX1301 (version: 3.0.0-test.11, docs: https://www.chirpstack.io/concentratord/)
Aug 12 18:38:28 raspberrypi0-wifi user.info chirpstack-concentratord-sx1301[2663]: Triggering concentrator reset
Aug 12 18:38:28 raspberrypi0-wifi user.info chirpstack-concentratord-sx1301[2663]: Setting spi device path, spidev_path: /dev/spidev0.0
Aug 12 18:38:28 raspberrypi0-wifi user.info chirpstack-concentratord-sx1301[2663]: Setting board configuration, lorawan_public: true, clock_source: 1

I tried to setup an IC880a to try, same thing, this is driving me mad anywhere I change it just does nothing

The Concentratord comes with many shields pre-configured, which automatically sets the reset pin. There is a “generic” configuration which allows you to set the reset pin, eg.:

For the non “generic” boards, the reset pin is (currently) fixed, e.g.:

Could you create a feature-request for this in the Concentratord repo? Maybe it makes sense to always allow a reset_pin overwrite in case of the RAK shield. This should be fairly easy to implement, if you would like to create a pull-request, that would be great :slight_smile:

Got it thanks,

Not sure how to do that, my guess was to PR this file to add my shields (got 3 including this ic880a one or just change this script with the generic entry, easier to understand for me, fastest way. What do you think?

do_setup_concentrator_shield() {
    FUN=$(dialog --title "Setup LoRa concentrator shield" --menu "Select shield:" 18 60 11 \
        1 "IMST       - iC880A" \
        2 "IMST       - iC980A" \
        3 "IMST       - Lite Gateway" \
        4 "Pi Supply  - LoRa Gateway HAT" \
        5 "RAK        - RAK2245" \
        6 "RAK        - RAK2246" \
        7 "RAK        - RAK2246G (with GNSS)" \
        8 "RAK        - RAK831" \
        9 "RisingHF   - RHF0M301" \
        10 "Sandbox    - LoRaGo PORT" \
        11 "Semtech    - SX1302 CoreCell" \
        3>&1 1>&2 2>&3)
    if [ $RET -eq 0 ]; then
        case "$FUN" in
            1) do_set_concentratord "sx1301" && do_setup_ic880a && do_prompt_concentrator_reset_pin "sx1301" && do_restart_chirpstack_concentratord;;
            2) do_set_concentratord "sx1301" && do_setup_ic980a && do_prompt_concentrator_reset_pin "sx1301" && do_restart_chirpstack_concentratord;;
            3) do_set_concentratord "sx1301" && do_setup_imst_lite && do_restart_chirpstack_concentratord;;
            4) do_set_concentratord "sx1301" && do_setup_pislora && do_restart_chirpstack_concentratord;;
            5) do_set_concentratord "sx1301" && do_setup_rak2245 && do_restart_chirpstack_concentratord;;
            6) do_set_concentratord "sx1301" && do_setup_rak2246 && do_restart_chirpstack_concentratord;;
            7) do_set_concentratord "sx1301" && do_setup_rak2246g && do_restart_chirpstack_concentratord;;
            8) do_set_concentratord "sx1301" && do_setup_rak2245 && do_restart_chirpstack_concentratord;;
            9) do_set_concentratord "sx1301" && do_setup_rhf0m301 && do_restart_chirpstack_concentratord;;
            10) do_set_concentratord "sx1301" && do_setup_lorago_port && do_restart_chirpstack_concentratord;;
            11) do_set_concentratord "sx1302" && do_setup_semtech_corecell && do_restart_chirpstack_concentratord;;

I’m happy to do it too when I have time :slight_smile: I would like to avoid using the “generic” profile. Each shield (iC880A, RAK…) has its own calibration values to make sure that the gateway emits at the requested tx power.

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Great thanks :slight_smile: there is absolutely no urgency.

by the way would you mind adding my shields on the GW type supported (in the list of gateway that the user select on setup)?

Would be awesome


Not at all, but please create an issue for that in the chirpstack-gateway-os repo on GitHub. That way it stays in the todo list and you get updated when it has been implemented :slight_smile:

Apologies for resurrecting this thread, however it would be good if the config file could override the default?

The IMST IC880A when it was originally released had a number of PCB’s made available for it to get rid of the jumper wires, however they all seem to have used different pins for the RESET.

As an example, the one at https://www.tindie.com/products/gnz/imst-ic880a-lorawan-backplane/ uses pin 22 rather than pin 5, so at the moment I can’t use this backplane with concentratord.