Where should docker-compose.yml file located at

Hi, I am trying to integrate loraserver with thingsboard. i am following this guide https://www.loraserver.io/guides/thingsboard/
I installed loraserver on ubuntu as it is mentioned in documents.
Downloaded loraserver OS for raspberry pi
Downloaded docker-compose on ubuntu
Downloaded thingsboard on ubuntu
Now I am trying to find docker-compose.yml file, should I create it? If yes where? Should i create it /usr/local/bin/(it is the location where docker-compose located at)

It doesn’t matter where, but it should be in the same directory where you execute the docker-compose ... command.

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I understood. I am using rak833 but it seems loraserver doesn’t support RAK833, I did everystep but I am not able to see gateway is active on localhost:8080