Whitelabel is possible in chirpstack?

Can i change the chripstack logo and use own logo?

As long as you respect the open-source license under which ChirpStack is published, you are free to do what you want with the source-code.

How to change the logo?

Best way to do this is to create a redirect rule in NGINX (if you are using it) for the image file of the logo.

I’m new to it can you help in doing this.

Are you using NGINX?

good morning jerome73,

Could you explain the process to make the logo change?

since I can’t find the URL that I must use to make this change.

thank you for your help

Add this into your NGINX config file:

location = /logo.png {
	return 301 <<yourlogourl>>;
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This solution applies to both docker and Debian/ubuntu installations.

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