Why every unconfirmed message comes with RXParamSetupReq and RXTimingSetupReq?

I am using MCCI LMIC library at dragino shield at CN470 and do not know what is wrong with the device or network server.

you should set RX time in the corresponding device profile.
It seems that you didn’t set it and left it be empty.

Sorry but I indeed set everything in the device profile part.
I wonder if there is something wrong with the code on the device or something else.

Got it.
Are you about the numbers?
base on my experience, this type downlink related to the configs on the device profile.
I recommend to double check the configs relate to RX window.
edit: do you press (re)activate the device after you modify the corresponding device profile? in ABP device profiles, you should reactivate the corresponding devices after each device profile modification.

God, that’s the reason!
After I reactivate the device, everything is OK!

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