Why is needed to create OTAA devices?


First of all thank you for the good job you offer to the community. Secondly, we have to deploy a huge quantity of nodes in the field and, up to this moment, we have been working with Multitech and its embedded Network Server. When working with OTAA, in Multitech you only enter AppKey and AppEUI and the nodes automatically Join the network. Is there some way to replicate this functionality with LoRa Server?. Manually create hundreds of devices whose devEUI is factory defined is not aceptable to us.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

There are good reasons why automatically adding a seen device is not advisable:
To which organization does it belong? What about external devices that may appear at your gateways? You clearly shouldn’t be able to interact with them (i.e., send them mac commands), as they are not yours. And so on.

That said, using the API to programmatically add devices is pretty easy and a one time thing. And then there’s the option to just modify the source to add a device whenever you receive a join request according to whatever rules you may think. After all, loraserver is an open-source project.

As far as I know (maybe I’m wrong) no devices will interact with my Gateway if the do not have the corresponding AppKey. Our deployments are mono-organization so that is not a problem.

So my only solution is to rebuild the LoRa Server?


No, it’s not the only option: as I mentioned, you can create a batch of them programmatically using the API.

By the way, I’m just another user, so take other opinions into consideration.

That’s not true, gateways have no knowledge about keys. So if you are going to modify the source to add devices on appearance, you should consider implementing an application wise app key (or nwk and app key in case of LoRaWAN 1.1), or even a list of valid ones (devices need not to share the app key), as those are provisioned per device on the current implementation. Of course, you need to modify the handler to create a device when the keys are correct and it’s not present yet.

Good luck!