Why is the first Join Request missing?

Hello all,

Here’s my system information:

  • Laird Sentrius RG1xx Gateway
  • Chirpstack server running on Mac OS 10.13.6
  • Chirpstack Gateway Bridge 3.7.1
  • Chirpstack Network Server 3.8.0
  • Chirpstack Application Server 3.9.0
  • Application built on Semtech stack based on LoRaWAN v1.1
  • Class A device on a custom board

Why does the first Join Request go missing?

The device is set for OTAA.

On the Chirpstack web interface, the first Join Request is niether seen under Gateway/Laird/Live Lorawan Frames nor under Applications/<app_name>/Devices/<dev_name>/Lorawan Frames.
I couldn’t see anything under logs either but I can post it if it helps.

The RX window timeout occurs for the first Join Request. A second Join Request is sent after approximately 60 seconds and it is received by chirpstack servers. Corresponding Join Accept is received by the device.

The following might be a separate issue but I would like to mention it just in case it is related:
A similar situation occurs for the uplink frames where first goes missing and the second is (sometimes) received by the chirpstack server. Some of the following uplink frames also go missing and some are received by the server but don’t send ACK back.

Are you sure the “first” Join request is being sent? If it’s not seen by the gateway at all, it seems possible the application/device is not working as you believe.

Yes, I think so. I’m relying on the console prints and the increase in amperes on power supply.