Why not reply join accept?

There is a device OTAA fail issue.
There are two organizaion, first one is dev, second one is yima.
First, I create a gateway in dev org, Second I delete this gateway, and copy the same config in yima org. Then a device send JOIN REQUEST message, but server does not reply JOIN ACCEPT.
Dose switching gateway to another org breake some security rule?


Please check the LoRaWAN tab and data tab of the device. You should see the join-request in the LoRaWAN tab, and in case of an error, you should see this in the data tab.

So in my case device sends JoinRequest, I’m able to see it in device’s LoRaWAN Frames, but nothing on Device Data, and in serial console I’m getting EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE: no JoinAccept

I’m using this code for gateway and this code for node

Did you also check the data tab of the device in the web-interface?