Will Chirpstack support 16 channel's gateway

I am a Senior Engineer in a company called Syook from India for one of our projects we have a 16 channels gateway to be used in Chirpstack LNS, I need to understand whether will work or not for Saudi Arabia (EU863-870 & EU433) standards. Below are the links that I used to refer and I found only 8 channels are available for that country so for the downlink can we use all the 16 channels or not I am a bit new to this channel separation kindly help us out.

From the Chirpstack gateway profiles document (Hardware limitations) I found that Chirpstack will only support 8 channels is that so Do we have a Hardware limitation on the usgae?

Link :

  1. Frequency Plans by Country

  2. Frequency Plans

Yes, you can use 16 channels without any issue :slight_smile: