Windows install step by step

Hello. it it possible to provide a set-by-step install/config for:

network bridge
network server
APP server
all of this in the same windoes 10 machine?

Kind regards

I know you asked for Windows10 specific while link is for Ubuntu but you could follow linked instructions and “contribute” a Windows 10 version when you’re done!

I used THESE instructions provided by instructions to configure ChirpStack under Ubuntu. I did what he recommended verbatim (except I’m on US915 and some of my sensors require the ChirpStack network server to have 500kHz channels enabled - section 5.2.3 HERE ) and it worked the first time! He has a LOT of very informative LoRaWAN-related material that you simply MUST at least skim and be aware of. He’s saved me a lot of hassle!

Hello, thank’s for the answer. Are talking about this tutorial?:

Install and configure the ChirpStack components with Semtech UDP packet-forwarder backend

That’s the one! He also has a youtube video to go with it.