Wireshark(lora packets)

How to parse lora packets in wireshark tool?
I am sniffing the packets by an arduino.

You should understand that LoRa packets are not transmitted in IP protocol, only that lora gateway will do, gateway transfers packets to LNS in UDP or TCP, then you can sniffing them.

But In wireshark, Iā€™m afraid there is not an default parser for gateway protocol like packet-forwarder, you can get an frame then parse it yourself, the packet-forwarder is all JSON format, and is easy to see.

Finally, you must understand that all content of the lorawan frame(phyPayload) is in the data field, and the frmpayload within is encrypted.

There is an related post: https://forum.loraserver.io/t/decode-lorawan-packet-coming-from-lora-gateway/4876?u=hobairiku

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Thank you HobaiRiku, I understand the lora packet parsing, thought if wireshark has some plugin I can pass the sniffed packets and which in turn gets decoded by the plugin.