With Quickstart Debian / Ubuntu installation, is version 3.x being installed?

With Quickstart Debian / Ubuntu installation, is version 3.x being installed? Quickstart Debian / Ubuntu, Isn’t there a 4.X version in the Repo?

How can I install Chirpstack version 4.0 on Ubuntu?

I Followed the instructions for V4 and it installed without issues

Hi Olywrestle,

Yes, I installed it myself. But version 4 was not 3. I installed Docker, version 4 was installed there. The ubuntu installation repo in this document is still 3.x

Docker installation screenshot:

Ubuntu installation screenshot:

Already ubuntu 4 installation is explained here. I guess the original repo hasn’t been updated to 4 yet.

I guess you used old doc or did not follow the instuctions correctly. Look at this specific chapter with link to v4 repo: https://www.chirpstack.io/docs/getting-started/debian-ubuntu.html#setup-software-repository.

Agreed. I followed all the instructions as posted and v4 installed.

Hello. Can you share the “app server” screenshot of the chirpstack 4.X you have installed?
I have a question. Did you do a 4.X fresh install? Or did you install it on top of 3.X?

Hello. Although I did the installation according to the new document (Ubuntu 4.0 Installation.), the app server 3.X remained. (Other parts became 4.X) Is this normal? Everything is fine with the Docker installation.

apt handles the updates for packages with the same name. It does not remove packages that are no longer present. There is no v4 version of chirpstack-network-server and chirpstack-application-server, as both have been merged into chirpstack in v4. You need to remove these components manually.

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