Working local configuration

I tried many things to make it work but I fail every time and I don’t know why.
Can any one of you send me his différents config files ?
I’ve already managed to connect an NKE smart plug to my NS using a kerlink gateway but i can’t connect it any more…
I just want to be sure of all my config files.

Thank you by advance,


Maybe you can point out what exactly is failing? :slight_smile:

If you want something which (should) work out of the box, try this Docker setup:

Update : I tried to install it on an other computer (a Mac) on a virtual machine with Ubuntu 16.04LTS

Everything is fine except that the gateway can’t connect to the gateway bridge.
Using Wireshark I found that the destination port is unreachable even if my packet forwarder configuration is correct and the ping is ok.

I don’t know what to do…