Working of class C using Lora server

I am getting problem, IN class C OTAA method After join when i injected downlink from Lora API when i send uplink from end device then i received one RX packet this class A behaviour,when i injected continuous downlinks from Lora API but i am not received continuous RX packets.
But when i set ar(automatic reply) on at end device then i send uplink from end device then i received previous injected RX packets.
But in class C behaviour continuous receive RX packets at end device (when i injected downlinks from API) without ar on.KR band
I am not able to find where is the problem?
Thanks in advance please help me…

Note:i used same deveui and appkey for class A and class C but i set class C support at device profiles in Lora server end device i set class C


you could share the logs of the loraserver and the appserver.
Maybe one can see something there.

Hi DeHi,
I am not install Lora server and appserver.
i use only Lora server console and for device i used teraterm.