Would it be possible to cache known devices at the gateway bridge?

I am thinking of denial of service type attacks. If someone were to bring a bunch of devices to a location with a gateway and send packets continuously, could they bring down chirpstack components by generating traffic / errors?

If that’s a possible issue, is there a way to cache known devices at the gateway bridge?

As a start, the Gateway Bridge can currently filter by NetID and JoinEUI. That takes place after a packet has been received by the radio, of course, so it won’t help with saturated airwaves.


Yes and no. There are some papers handling collisions when too many nodes are in the same area. I dont know if the amount of messages from one gateway is enough to bring down a load-balanced “Chirpstack” (we are testing that on the second half of the year - also with jamming) - I think the gateway itself is going to collapse first.
A wrongly configured network, could lead you to a point where (at least in Europe) you run out of “Air Time” for the gateway (they also have to follow and respect the Duty Cycle) - but that is not a “classical DoS”
Is not as easy as dropping packets, it’s easier with cables - lots of points where you can choke the unwanted traffic. When dealing with radio waves, well…there is not much you can do besides going out with a zapper and “de-activating” the “devices” (jammers)