Wrong Frequency Used despite setting Band

I’m trying to communicate to a Class C device using downlink. However, I found all my downlink packets were rejected (by the gateway) because the network-server was always requesting transmission at a wrong frequency - 869525000. I have specified by BAND as AS923 in chirpstack-network-server.toml file. The startup log also stated this:

time=“2020-04-29T11:31:14Z” level=info msg=“starting ChirpStack Network Server” band=AS923 docs=“https://www.chirpstack.io/” net_id=000000 version=3.5.0

How do I rectify this problem?

This is the txInfo that I captured using LORAWAN FRAMES - which shows the wrong frequency is used:

  • gatewayID:“0505f041c8e3b165”
  • frequency:869525000
  • power:14
  • modulation:“LORA”
  • :arrow_forward:

loRaModulationInfo:{} 4 keys

  • bandwidth:125
  • spreadingFactor:12
  • codeRate:“4/5”
  • polarizationInversion:true
  • board:0
  • antenna:0
  • timing:“IMMEDIATELY”
  • immediatelyTimingInfo:{} 0 keys
  • context:“MS+ylA==”

Hi, I found what causes this problem. It was because when I setup the system I didn’t change the default EU band used. And I proceeded to register the class C devices. At a later stage, I changed the band to AS923.

Problem is solved when I deleted the class C devices created earlier and recreate them. Thanks.